Browserbased WYSIWYGXML Editor

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With xeditor you create complex and structured XML documents intuitively and without any technical knowledge with a configurable, word-similar online editor with real-time validation

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All features at a glance

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    Easy Integration

    The XML editor can be easily integrated into existing Content-Management-Systems (CMS). Individual adjustments can be realized with an extensive API.

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    WYSIWYG Interface

    Intuitive and guided editing of structured XML documents without any technical knowledge with an easy to use, word-like surface.

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    Browser Based

    The XML editor works completely browser-based and can be used without a local installation. All currently common internet browsers are supported with full functionality.

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    Flexible schemata

    Extensive functions for the processing and management of XML documents based on individual schemata (XSD) and DTDs.

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    Spell Check

    With the integrated spell check, online texts are being checked for spelling mistakes, grammar and style, thus ensuring an accurate and consistent text quality.

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    Changes made to the text or the structure can be variably undone or redone.

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    Rich Copy & Paste

    The XML editor supports copy & paste from various applications such as Microsoft Word, Pages, or OpenOffice. Structural information is retained as long as they are permitted.

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    The language of the editor can be set individually for each user. Using language packages, the surface of the XML editor can easily be translated into other languages.

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    Even as you are typing, the XML document structure is continuously monitored. The author can only perform actions that are permitted and valid at the corresponding positions.