Editing has to be simple.

With Xeditor, the web-based XML-Editor, authors can easily create and edit structured documents and files in XML data format, providing media-neutral data storage. The user-friendly frontend leads authors intuitively through the defined document structure (XSD/DTD). The Editor is web-based and operates completely in the browser.

Intuitive user WYSIWYG interface, similar to MSWord

WYSIWYG interface

Xeditor guarantees you an intuitive and guided processing of structured XML documents without any technical knowledge, via a user interface that is similar to MS Word.

Intelligent real-time validation

Real-time validation

During data entry the XML document structure is monitored on a continuous basis. You can only execute actions that are valid and correct at the corresponding positions.

Web-based and location independent


The web XML editor works completely within the browser and is system- and location independent. You can work with Xeditor via the Intranet or Internet from any computer.

Clear Track Changes

Clear Track Changes

All textual and structural changes by you and other authors are independently tracked and can be analyzed for final editing.

Professional comment system for easy collaboration

Comment system

You can directly enter and save comments, remarks and corrections in the document without interrupting the text.

Spelling and grammar checks

Spelling check

Using the integrated spelling check, texts are checked for spelling, grammar and style, ensuring an error-free and uniform text quality.

MathML formula editor

MathML formula editor

With the integrated WIRIS formula editor you can create mathematical formulas and complex expressions.

Search engine optimization


Xeditor provides a plugin to optimize search engine processing of content (for Google, Yahoo, Bing etc.).

Large document handling

Large documents

Xeditor guarantees you a smooth processing of documents with more than 50 MB and more than 1000 pages.

Editing in offline mode

Offline functionality

You have the option to save documents temporarily without Internet connection and synchronize with the server as soon as the online connection is restored.

Support for XML standards

XML standards

Xeditor supports XML-standards from a variety of fields and industries: Publishing industry, technical documentation, sciences.

Simple adaptation to individual XML schemes

Adaption of XSD/DTD

Seamless and easy integration of individual schemes providing intuitive processing and administration of XML documents.

Easy integration into existing systems

Easy integration

Xeditor can easily be integrated into existing systems. The architecture can simply be adapted to different systems.

Modern and open architecture

Modern architecture

The unrivalled, flexible architecture of Xeditor enables comprehensive customization and easy integration.



The XML preview allows users to see the underlying XML as a read-only window parallel to the WYSIWYG editor. As the user makes changes in the editor, the XML preview is updated in real-time.

Our Competences

Editorial publications

For publishers, media companies, publishing industry, corporate publishing.


Technical documentation

For machine and plant engineering, software, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, medical technology.


Academic/scientific works

For educational institutions, universities, organizations, legal publications.


Contract documents

For government, law firms, banking and insurance companies.