Quick knowledge transfer.

Do you work in a higher education institution, university or organization and have to create and publish scientific or academic texts? Nowadays writing scientific works is a challenge: several hundred sources must be properly cited and formatted according to different layout specifications, graphics, formulas and tables efficiently inserted. Multiple writers quickly reach their limits working together during production with different systems like MS Word or Open Office and on top of this approval cycles via email. In addition, the higher education institutions, universities and non-profit organizations have entered the digital age. Thus, it is not enough to publish dissertations, postdoctoral qualifications, studies, training documents, abstracts only as print format. They also have to be available in web or as e-book to guarantee a fast transfer of knowledge.

With Xeditor, the web-based XML editor, you produce your academic work only once. You are automatically and without additional expenses or effort present on all channels. The work on multiple systems is omitted: authors, foreign language assistants, proofreaders all work together in a user friendly interface based on Word functions for scientific writing that include literature administration, list of abbreviations management, elements for the lists, and table generation. Automatic article production is done as a matter of course and configurable through different standard templates and an individual choice of contents. When necessary the workflow can be adapted and Xeditor can be integrated into existing third systems.

Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten
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Our key features:

You think you write in Word?

No, you write in XML but do not notice it because the user interface is intuitive and self-explanatory.

Scientific writing 2.0

You write together with other authors and make modifications in an interface with integrated literature management, automatic grouping of contents for scientific works via existing templates.

WIRIS-formula editor, tables, lists and images

With the integrated formula editor WIRIS you generate mathematical formulas and complicated expressions which you can insert easily as a chart or diagram in the document. Lists and tables can also be conveniently created in the document.

Structuring à la carte

Xeditor supports current standards in the sciences like TEI and DocBook. Controlled writing of tomorrow. Xeditor, with its real time validation, is suited very well for the production of scientific work that complies with your schema rules.

Offline functionality

You have the option to save documents temporarily without Internet connection and to synchronize with the server as soon as the online connection is restored. No time wasted on business travel. Produce high quality content on the train or in the airplane.

Large documents

Xeditor guarantees you a smooth processing of large documents with more than 50 MB and more than 1000 pages.