Legally compliant contracts.

Contracts and legal documents are the basis of every business relationship. You pose as a law office, contract creator, legal department, equally facing problems. You have to compile legally compliant documents in cooperation with colleagues under pressure and coordinate these with partners.

As a legal department you are obliged to provide procedures, guidelines and recommendations. At the same time you must guarantee the authenticity of contracts, files and accompanying documents.

Make the time-consuming production of contracts lighter with Xeditor. With Xeditor, the web-based XML editor you create and edit contracts and legal documents easily with several persons simultaneously. Thanks to the XML format the documents can be automatically published in several media channels at the same time.

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Our Key features:

You think you write in Word?

No, you write in XML but do not notice it because the user interface is intuitive and self-explanatory.

Geographically distributed teamwork

Work via web-based and place, time and platform independent. Thereby allowing several authors to work parallel on the same document at different places and avoid unnecessary correction rounds.

Professionel comment system

You can directly enter and save comments, remarks and corrections in the document without interrupting the text.

Easy change tracking

All content modifications by you and others are independently tracked and can be analyzed for final editing. Thus, the stage of a contract agreement can be determined precisely.

Working from everywhere

You have the option to save documents temporarily without Internet connection and synchronize with the server as soon as the online connection is restored. No time wasted on business travel. Produce high quality content on the train or in the airplane.