Again Xeditor/Xpublisher will join the CrossMediaForum in Munich. The 19th session of the event takes place at the Maritim Hotel in Munich on July 4, from 10am until 5pm. This year, the motto of the event will be "From product- to process-based content management: how media houses can build and use a flexible cross media infrastructure".

Don't miss the presentation "Beltz: Eine Verlagsgruppe - ein CMS. Wie die Einführung eines Redaktionssystems nicht nur Prozesse, sondern auch das crossmediale Denken verändert." ("Beltz: media house - CMS. How the introduction of a content management system changes not only processes, but crossmedial thinking, too.") of Franziska Schiebe (Julius Beltz GmbH & Co. KG) and Matthias Kraus from Xpublisher.

With the code "Xpublisher" you only need to pay 110,00€ instead of 160,00€ for entrance!

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