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Do you create and work on your documentation with Microsoft Word or in txt-Format? Moreover, do you have to store your contents several times or create a new version every time for operating manuals, service guidelines and web?

Nowadays technical documentation faces a wide range of variations and products. In addition, work routines, tools and the flow of information between the editors is inefficient. Furthermore, the costs are disproportionately high.

If you have already heard from the benefits of single source publishing, modularization and other advantages from XML based text production then Xeditor is the right choice for you.

No matter whether for documentation for mechanical and plant engineering, software development, aerospace or medical technology, Xeditor's flexibility can be used in many industries. Xeditor supports custom or industry standard schemas and the UI may be configured independently to refine your experience.

Overview of key features 

Norm-compliant warnings

Xeditor supports the production of warning notices according to Ansi Z35.6. The norm is valid as the only comprehensive norm of security and warning notices in documents accompanying the product and is in the USA and Germany of special relevance. The warning notices can also be compatible with the demands of German Institute for Standardization EN 82079-1.

Structuring à la carte

Xeditor supports all current technical documentation standards: DITA, DocBook, PI-Mod, etc. Do you have your own schema at your disposal? No problem! Our developers can gladly adapt the editor to your schema. For this we offer you an initial ten hours of free support.

Controlled or monitored authoring of tomorrow

Xeditor is brilliantly suited for producing standardized documentation due to its real time validation that corresponds to the regulations of your editorial guides and schemas and fulfills all legal requirements.

Web technologies for mobile technical editing

Slender, flexible, performant: Xeditor is based on the newest web technologies. Differentiate yourself from the competition and win young and experienced technical editors and let them work at the time and place of their choice. Xeditor can be used on-line as well as off-line. No time wasted on business travel. Produce high quality content on the train, in the airplane or in your favorite café.

Easy integration into existing editorial systems

Xeditor is agnostic to data storage systems and can therefore be integrated into any type of CMS.

Support for following technical standards: DITA, PI-Mod, S1000D

Many other structural definitions still exist that can be sector or product specific. Through a simple adaptation any structure definition can be integrated into Xeditor. Contact us!

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