TEI edition

TEI edition 

Xeditor supports the TEI standard for generating documents, editing in humanities, social sciences, and linguistics. The editor creates the content in XML format and makes it analyzable. At the same time printed works can be encoded or linguistic information distinguished.


Valid entries

Already during input the XML document structure is monitored on an on-going basis. It can only carry out actions that correspond to positions within TEI DTD that are permissible and valid.

Writing like in Word

The editor provides you with an easy to use interface inspired by MS Word. No technical knowledge or training is required in order to work with Xeditor.

Work where you want

The web-based system guarantees that you can work with Xeditor anywhere in the world - the only thing you need is an Internet connection.

Commenting system and change tracking

You can make and save remarks, comments, and corrections directly in the document. Through a user dependent logging all content changes made can be tracked, analyzed and you and other authors can modify the work.

Integration of elements

In Xeditor you can insert pictures of manuscripts and graphics, for example. Also Geo and content related references/links (e.g. Google maps) can be added. At the same time you can embed formulas with the help of the integrated formula editor WIRIS.

Edit larger documents

Xeditor guarantees a smooth processing of large documents with more than 50 MB and 1000 pages.


To facilitate data entry, you can integrate terminologies and dictionaries as suggestion lists.

Style sheets

Xeditor provides you with TEI compliant style sheets and document templates.