Enables multi channel publishing.

Are you a publisher, working in a media house or in the publishing industry? Do you have to operate several media channels simultaneously like print, web, or mobile and do not have the time to produce high quality content? Are your editorial processes inefficient and your content redundantly created?

The publishing world, better the Publishing Industry 4.0, faces in the multimedia and digital age a growing and an ever more complex growing number of media channels like web, mobile and social media. Instead of managing media neutral content in standardized workflows and thus being able to utilize these for multiple use, it is being processed for every publication medium again individually.

With Xeditor, the web-based XML editor, content is present without extra costs in multiple channels. When necessary it is combinable and easy to integrate into existing third-party systems.

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Our Key features:

Usability first

Intuitive user interface, input tool similar to Word for authors, no training expenses, no technical or XML knowledge necessary.

Geographically distributed teamwork

Work via web-based and place, time and platform independent. Thereby allowing several authors to work parallel on the same document at different places and avoid unnecessary correction rounds.

Multichannel publishing

Automated publishing for Internet, tablet, social media, mobile, blogs

Only one format

The data exists in only one format, the XML format. This is a requirement for the media neutrality of contents.

Always up-to-date

SEO, usability and functions are being developed constantly. You will always have the latest version of the software and profit from our experts and the feedback of other customers.