Easily author, edit, and review intelligently structured documents ready for omni-channel publication.


Easily author, edit, and review intelligently structured documents ready for omni-channel publication.

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Xeditor's feature rich environment gives authors a familiar and intuitive way to write, collaborate, and validate their content. It's flexible architecture also makes it a breeze for your developers (or ours) to customize the perfect editor for your organization.

WYSIWYG interface

Xeditor guarantees you an intuitive and guided processing of structured XML documents without any technical knowledge, via a user interface that is similar to MS Word.

MathML formula editor

With the integrated WIRIS formula editor you can create mathematical formulas and complex expressions. Don’t use WIRIS? We’ve built our own MathML editor for simple equations as well.

Intelligent real-time validation

As you write, Xeditor continuously monitors the document’s structure. Xeditor goes further than simple validation, it actually prevents you from making a mistake in the first place.

Support for XML standards

Xeditor supports XML-standards from a variety of fields and industries: Publishing industry, technical documentation, sciences.

Clear track changes

All textual and structural changes by you and other authors are independently tracked and can be analyzed for final editing.

Large document handling

Xeditor guarantees you a smooth processing of documents with more than 50 MB and more than 1000 pages.

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Editorial publications

For publishers, media companies, publishing industry, corporate publishing.

Technical documentation

For machine and plant engineering, software, pharmaceuticals, aerospace, medical technology.

Academic & scientific works

For educational institutions, universities, organizations, legal publications.

Contract documents

For government, law firms, banking and insurance companies.

Our Customers

Xeditor attracts companies from all industries. The web-based XML editor is suitable for technical documentation, editorial publications and multi-channel publishing (print, web, tablet, mobile). To give you a better insight into the various application possibilities of Xeditor, you will find here not only a list of our customers, but also some case studies with application examples from various industries.

Xeditor supports leading industries like
  • Publishing
  • Technical Communication
  • Education, Science & Research
  • Regulatory, Legislative

What our customers say

We count on the opinion of our customers and partners, because they are our drive to become better and better.
Read here what some of our customers have to say about working with Xeditor.


Karl Bauer

Production, Don Bosco Media

The introduction of Xpublisher was a major challenge for everyone involved. It has allowed Don Bosco to take a huge step into the future and guarantees competitiveness in the market. We are glad to have found such a competent and flexible partner in Xpublisher.


Konrad Dröge

Project management/Software Consultant, Wolters Kluwer

We are very pleased with the work collaboration and results so far and we look forward to continue working together. With Xeditor we have found a competent expert partner, who during the conversion to a web-based WYSIWYG editor and structured content creation, with customized and creative solutions stood by us.


Daniel Vierbuchen

Section "Paid Content", DocCheck

The extendible interface and the content validation directly during data entry saved time and nerves for us. Everyday life cannot be imagined without the functions by Xeditor.” The use of Xeditor is not only WYSIWYG but WYSIWIV (What you see is what is valid) – the automatic validation is a blessing. The implementation of Xeditor into our existing systems went faster and easier than imagined. The resulting free man-days could thereby be utilized elsewhere.

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