6 key advantages why you should work with web based tools

The Internet is growing and growing. Already 80% of the world’s population is online. The reasons for this are the declining technology costs and the rapid development of technology. All programs and data are already in the cloud.

Employees want more and more flexible jobs. A “9 to 5 job” in a fixed workplace has long been a thing of the past. Why? Cloud and web-based programs also enable employees to work from home or on the road. The only thing they need is a working Internet connection!

And, web-based solutions like Xeditor/Xpublisher offer more advantages compared to desktop-based solutions:

More safety.

A major drawback of desktop-based software is that in the event of theft the complete stored data is lost. On servers or with web-based software, daily backups ensure that the data can be restored and the data is not completely lost.

Central administration.

In many companies updates are decentrally executed on personal computers. The disadvantage of this is that many employees who have not already run the update are not on the same level as their peers who have already run the update. An update by a central administration is done automatically, invisible and without any noticeable disturbances in the background. It also saves a lot of time and costs.

Everyone works with the same release.

Because all software updates are executed centrally, all users are on the same level. This prevents incompatibilities and possible errors.

Working in dispersed teams.

Working in dispersed national or international teams continues to grow. Web-based solutions with the same system support distributed teamwork by enabling team members to work in the same system at the same time and from different locations.

Work from anywhere at any time.

We live in an age where we work from everywhere and not on a specific time. The world-wide and ever-present access to data via an Internet connection with any PC, Netbook, cell phone or Mac allows working in the same system from the road, at home, at work, at the cafe, or on holiday.

Data is centrally stored in the cloud.

By storing the data in the cloud, all data is stored in one location and can be retrieved by everybody. There is also more space available.

Secure and easy data exchange.

Web-based applications can be used to exchange data easily, quickly and securely over the Internet. When the data is exchanged using universal data exchange formats like the XML file format, the company also benefits from consistency.

Xeditor is a web-based software for creating and editing structured XML documents. With Xeditor, you can work from anywhere, from the office, home or business trips. Users only need an Internet connection to work with Xeditor. The great advantage of Xeditor is that it allows the user to work offline. Especially on business trips the connection can often be interrupted in the train or plane. When the Internet connection is restored, the data are synchronized and transferred. The stored data can then be retrieved at any time and from all users involved in the writing process. Xeditor supports distributed teamwork. And it ensures a consistent data exchange.

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