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Xeditor Release 2019-04-01

We’ve just created Xeditor Release 2019-04-01. Please follow the update instructionsfound in our documentation. Core v5.7.0Changes Adjusted styling (darker background, box shadow for document) Introduced class `Ext.ux.xeditor.Database` which uses indexed db instead of local storage Added editor properties `localDatabaseName`, `localDocumentKey` and functions for convenient use of Database class Marked functions and properties using local storage as deprecated …

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Xeditor Release 2019-01-30.

We’ve just created Xeditor Release 2019-01-30. Please follow the update instructions found in our documentation: Core v5.6.0 Changes Changed styling of comment for collapse/expand During element conversion target elements are not longer validated as they are created wich offers more fexibility to change the structure e.g. after main conversion inside afterConvertFn Added method `createGUID` to …

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Creative content production at the push of a button

In times of digitalisation, publishers have to restructure their processes and introduce suitable software to remain competitive. Many publishers, who have been producing according to the same patterns for years, are afraid of restructuring publishing workflows and introducing editorial software. Even though digitisation is forcing them to rethink workflows and IT, publishing houses are slow …

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Collaborative Authoring and Reviewing in an XML environment

Streamlining and simplifying the collaborative process on cloud based multi user platforms Until relatively recently, authoring and editing tools were mostly desktop-based applications. Content creators would share their work – Word documents, images, text files – at each stage of a project with team members for review and revision, usually via email. This was a …

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NWB Publishing House chooses Xeditor

Xeditor is integrated into NWB’s internal company author portal. Used to create and maintain online content, online editorial teams and external authors use the portal. The editor supports a company-internal XML schema. It allows the authors to work directly and intuitively in the given XML structure without any technical XML knowledge. The author portal is …

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