To give you a better insight into the various application possibilities of Xeditor, you will find here not only a list of our customers, but also some case studies with application examples from various industries.


The introduction of Xpublisher was a major challenge for everyone involved. It has allowed Don Bosco to take a huge step into the future and guarantees competitiveness in the market. We are glad to have found such a competent and flexible partner in Xpublisher.

Karl Bauer


The extendible interface and the content validation directly during data entry saved time and nerves for us. Everyday life cannot be imagined without the functions by Xeditor.” The use of Xeditor is not only WYSIWYG but WYSIWIV (What you see is what is valid) – the automatic validation is a blessing. The implementation of Xeditor into our existing systems went faster and easier than imagined. The resulting free man-days could thereby be utilized elsewhere.

Daniel Vierbuchen
Section "Paid Content"


We are very pleased with the work collaboration and results so far and we look forward to continue working together. Xeditor is a competent expert partner, who during the conversion to a web-based WYSIWYG editor and structured content creation, with customized and creative solutions stood by us.

Konrad Dröge
Project Management

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