Xeditor Release 2019-04-01

We’ve just created Xeditor Release 2019-04-01. Please follow the update instructionsfound in our documentation. Core v5.7.0Changes Adjusted styling (darker background, box shadow for document) Introduced class `Ext.ux.xeditor.Database` which uses indexed db instead of local storage Added editor properties `localDatabaseName`, `localDocumentKey` and functions for convenient use of Database class Marked functions and properties using local storage as deprecated …

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Xeditor Release 2019-01-30.

We’ve just created Xeditor Release 2019-01-30. Please follow the update instructions found in our documentation: Core v5.6.0 Changes Changed styling of comment for collapse/expand During element conversion target elements are not longer validated as they are created wich offers more fexibility to change the structure e.g. after main conversion inside afterConvertFn Added method `createGUID` to …

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