Airbus Defense and Space uses Xeditor in a prototype project

Airbus Defence and Space is a division of Airbus Group, which was formed by merging the business activities of Cassidian, Astrium and Airbus Military. The new division is the leading defense and space company in Europe, the second largest space company in the world and one of the ten largest defense companies in the world.

In the area of ​​”Technical Information and Data Combat A/C” in Manching, Xeditor, the web-based XML editor from Xpublisher GmbH, is used as a prototype to create technical documentation.

Mr. Thorsten Kaup, Technical Writer, was interviewed regarding the use of Xeditor in the Technical Information and Data Combat A/C sections.

Why was there a need for a new solution? Was there an application already in use?

In the “Technical Information and Data Combat A/C” sections of Airbus Defence and Space in Manching, technical documentation is provided for various military aircrafts.

In this environment, technical authors have to take into consideration many formal framework conditions. For example, international specifications and project-specific, supplementary specifications. For this reason, a project was initiated to optimize the authoring environment at Airbus Defence & Space, which includes decoupling the technical author from the formal framework through an optimized user interface.

How was the search for finding the best project partner done? What criteria were taken into account in the decision?

The collaboration between Airbus Defence & Space and Xeditor was rather coincidental and resulted from a meeting of representatives from both sides within the framework of the “DocMuc Conference 2015”.The main reason for working with Xeditor was that within the framework of the recently mentioned project, a prototype was developed which pursued an approach for an optimized user interface. In this context, using xeditor as part of the prototype was an obvious choice.

How did the implementation process proceed? How did the collaboration work?

In our prototype, Xeditor helped us take a step towards an optimized editorial environment. The cooperation, which lasted over a period of about five months, was problem-free, solution-oriented and high lighted by good communication.After the preparation and prioritization of the functions to be implemented in a workshop, they were implemented based on a regular dialog with us.

What are the advantages of using Xeditor, in particular for the individual author?

Xeditor provides an intuitive user interface that allows the author to edit the documentation without having to know the details of XML schemas.In addition, because of its interfaces Xeditor is easy to customize and extend in our prototype application.

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