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Seamless Integration

Because integration should be fast and easy

Xeditor can be easily integrated into your authoring, editing, and production workflows as well as configured to meet individual requirements. Xeditor has a modern and open architecture based on JavaScript and NodeJS. You can access all Xeditor functions through the program-controlled API.

Modern Framework

Because even good things must continue to evolve

Xeditor is not only an authoring tool for editing structured documents, but also a modern, well documented development framework. The front-end is based on JavaScript, HTML and CSS. A black box based on NodeJS works together with its system environment to act as a middleware. NPM and Webpack ensure clean updates and their distribution.

Professional Support

Because you don't have to know everything yourself

We are happy to support you with the configuration of the editor or share our knowledge and best practices with your developers in trainings or seminars. This gives you an editor that is perfectly tailored to your requirements and brings great joy to both developers and authors alike.