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Xeditor's feature rich environment gives authors a familiar and intuitive way to write, collaborate, and validate their content. It's flexible architecture also makes it a breeze for your developers (or ours) to customize the perfect editor for your organization.

Track Changes

Because you should know what was changed, when it was changed and who it was changed by

All textual and structural changes made by users are independently tracked and timestamped. Changes are clearly displayed in the log area and can be accepted or rejected by existing permissions. All change steps are clearly displayed and can be analyzed during the final processing of the document.

Basic Features

Because it goes without saying

That's why we didn't want to mention it separately, but Xeditor will not only delight you with its performance, but also with the many perfectly tailored standard features such as the tried and true copy & paste function, endless redoing & undoing, accurate searching, and the ability to replace something using Regex functions. Additionally, the two most popular table models, HTML and CALS, are included along with footnotes, formulas, references, diagrams, media elements such as images and videos, and much more.

XML and Tag View

If it can get a little more technical

Xeditor presents structured content in a legible, intuitive and author-friendly way. But from time to time it is still helpful to get an insight into the underlying XML structure or to work with it. As a middle ground, Xeditor offers a tag view that displays the XML structure in WYSIWYG mode.

Simultaneous Authoring & Review

Because seamless cooperation saves a lot of time

Documents and manuscripts can be shared between authors, editors and proofreaders without losing control or quality. Multiple users can simultaneously work on a document, comment on it, or invite others to work on it. This makes teamwork fun and saves a lot of time.

Guided Authoring

Because you can't know everything

Documents are often complex, especially when using standards. This is where we come in. Intelligent authoring support intuitively guides authors through complex document structures and enables simple editing without requiring any technical knowledge. Context-sensitive directions support users with useful tips.

Formula editor

Because formulas are already complicated enough on their own

Complex mathematical formulas are created easily and intuitively with the WIRIS formula editor and inserted into the document as MathML or TEX. As an alternative, Xeditor also includes its own MathML and TEX editor for simple equations.


What you see is what you mean

Xeditor’s intuitive interface opens doors for your company by providing a guided authoring of structured XML documents without any technical knowledge. Your authors, editors, and reviewers will be able to focus on the content, not on learning another system.


Because the content needs to be understood

Acrolinx helps you create and optimize outstanding content. The platform evaluates the content based on your individual guidelines, e.g. preferred words and phrases as well as style and tone. This way, everything that is written throughout your company is perfectly tailored to your brand. The scorecard gives you a summary of the content quality and shows you which areas could still be improved.


Because good references don't have to take up a lot of time

Formatting, correcting, and linking reference lists by hand is tedious and time consuming. Edifix® from Inera is a cloud-based solution that automates these tasks, offering a wide choice of editorial styles and export formats. Edifix® corrects and links references based on data from Crossref and PubMed.

XML Standards Support

Because every industry has its own specific standards

Xeditor is used in many industries and is therefore as versatile as they are. Various XML standards from the fields of technical documentation (DITA, S1000D), publishing (JATS, NLM), reporting (XBRL, ESEF), scientific work (TEI, DocBook) and bespoke schemas can be configured easily.

Offline Mode

For the times when you’re without an internet connection

In the event that you have to go somewhere without an internet connection, we’ve still got you covered. You have the option to save documents temporarily without an internet connection and synchronize with the server as soon as the connection is restored.

Big Document Support

When 400 pages aren't enough

Xeditor starts where others have long stopped. Even large documents with thousands of pages and a file size of 50 MB can be edited smoothly. It doesn't matter whether these are operating manuals for airplanes, comprehensive policies, certifications or books. The fragment size is freely scalable and makes scrolling easier.

Real Time Validation

Because real time is the only real future

Xeditor validates and analyzes the document structure in real time and ensures that no errors creep in during the writing process. It controls the context-sensitive toolbar, menus and element actions and is based on XSD/DTD. It is also possible to create your own specific validation guidelines and scenarios.