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The Xeditor team at the XML Prague

What a package! Exciting and fascinating lectures, presentations, talks and workshops on the topic of XML, embedded in the irresistible Prague backdrop. It goes without saying that the Xeditor team was on site again this year and actively participated in the event.

This year the focus was definitely on print CSS - especially one of the main topics for Xeditor, because many users now prefer direct output of print data via Xeditor - without the detour via a CMS.

Of course, there were also numerous perspectives on the topic XSLT. What possibilities are there for the further development of XSLT 3 with a view to version 4, and there was no shortage of visionary ideas - for example, how could a web server based on XSLT work?

On Saturday, February 15th at 14:30 sharp, we had a special and not quite everyday treat for our team: The long awaited new standard for X-Proc 3 was released live as a draft.

Also noteworthy: The OASIS committee is working on an extension of the ODF standard (Open Document Format) to adapt document exchange to today's requirements. This is because the basic concept has actually not changed significantly since the time of the diskette and urgently requires adaptation to new collaboration principles.

As in previous years, we enjoyed XML Prague very much and above all it showed us that we are on the right track with the development planning of Xeditor. 

If you want to experience the XML Prague "almost" live again, you will find here all lectures on the YouTube channel.