Editorial publications

Whether you are a book/journal/magazine publisher or working on an academic project, Xeditor has you covered. You'll be able to share your work to authors, editors, copy editors, and proofreaders - even if no one knows anything about XML. You'll be able to save on costly conversion processes going back and forth between everyone involved in the production process. And at the end, you'll have a single source master XML ready for distribution in any format.


Technical documentation

Do you create and work on your documentation with Microsoft Word or in txt-Format? Do you have to store your contents several times or create a new version every time for operating manuals, service guidelines and web? If you have already heard from the benefits of single source publishing, modularization and other advantages from XML based text production then Xeditor is the right choice for you.


Academic & scientific works

Do you work in a higher education institution, university or organization and have to create and publish scientific or academic texts? Nowadays writing scientific works is a challenge: several hundred sources must be properly cited and formatted according to different layout specifications, graphics, formulas and tables efficiently inserted. With Xeditor, the web-based XML editor, you produce your academic work only once. You are automatically and without additional expenses or effort present on all channels. The work on multiple systems is omitted: authors, foreign language assistants, proofreaders all work together in a user friendly interface.


Contracts & legal documents

Contracts and legal documents are the basis of every business relationship. You pose as a law office, contract creator, legal department, equally facing problems. You have to compile legally compliant documents in cooperation with colleagues under pressure and coordinate these with partners. Make the time-consuming production of contracts lighter. With Xeditor you are able to create and edit contracts and legal documents easily with several persons simultaneously. Thanks to the XML format the documents can be automatically published in several media channels at the same time.


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